Nadine Hoenighaus

Nadine Hönighaus

Nadine-Lan Hönighaus is the Executive Director of econsense – Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V.. She obtained the position in 2019.

Ms Hönighaus holds a master’s degree in International Business and Cultural Studies from the University Passau in Germany and the School of Oriental and African Studies.  She specialized on post-colonial economic development in Southeast Asia.

Before joining econsense, Ms. Hönighaus was the Senior Manager for Corporate Strategy/Sustainability Relations at BASF in Germany for six years and the Senior Manager for Corporate & Governmental Affairs in Brussels for three years.

She started her career at econsense in 2017, steering and developing focal issues as well as the strategic development. She works with the econsense member companies in various ways, always with the goal of actively shaping the transformation towards a sustainable economy and society.